29 dimensions dating for dating only powered by azdg


We’ve seen the commercials, heard the jingle, and know a friend or a friend of a friend who has used the site or even found love on it.



They’ll then search the site on behalf of the customer.I’ve tried replicating the sauce myself, but I’ve never gotten it to taste quite the same.There are just some ingredients to it that I can’t put my finger on. We’re all familiar with the dating site — it’s been around since 2000, after all.It’s called e H , and offers a one-year contract with a ”personal counselor” for ,000.

Among online dating sites, this move seems unexpected from e Harmony, best known for its elaborate computerized enrollment process.

The client must complete a questionnaire, but doesn’t have to bother with filling out or maintaining a profile, making the initial contact with a potential date, or suffering the embarrassment of managing rejections or unanswered queries.e Harmony already controls nearly 14% of the market for US dating sites and claims responsibility for 4.7% of new marriages in the US.



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