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The scammer claims to have video of you using adult material, and threatens to send this to your contacts if you don’t pay hundreds of dollars in Bitcoin within a day or two.Of course, they ask for Bitcoin because it’s untraceable. Nobody has actually broken into your email; they’ve simply spoofed the message to make it look like it came from your own account.

It says that it will monitor its Bitcoin wallet for “any inbound financial transactions.” Any suggests that you are the sole victim of the attack; if the attacker infected multiple people but only received one payment, how would they know who paid?We’ve received two similar scam emails in the past few weeks.Each one seems to come from your own email address, and claims that an attacker has fully taken over your system thanks to malware installed while visiting an adult site.Yet you could receive this email even if you’ve never visited such sites, or if your computer doesn’t have a webcam/you have your webcam covered.

The scammer is hoping that you fit the description they’ve created so they can scare you. When you do not make the transaction inside of this time-frame your device will lock up, even if you disconnect from the internet or change all your online passwords. While malware like this is possible in theory, an amateur crook wouldn’t take the time to build such a complex program.

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