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We will check our holdings to identify the commercial and then refer you to the Coca-Cola Archive to request a copy.) Although in theory some of the television commercials in our holdings are available for purchase, the process of actually acquiring a copy, whether for profit use or not, is extremely time-consuming and costly, so much so that it usually represents an insurmountable obstacle.More precisely, you would need to identify the rights holder(s), both in terms of copyright and brand/trademark, and obtain the owner's written permission before we could proceed with making a copy.Requires Quick Time to view commercials and the site does not sell, buy or trade clips or commercials. COM Provides access to streaming video and information about music videos, movie trailers, television commercials, and short films.

The following is an example of a title in the Online Catalog: "[Television commercial– Quaker State motor oil].The Clip Pro service– subscription based section– provides information on production and post-production companies, magazines, advertising organizations, TV stations, and music video awards. NET This site allows you to search a number of stock footage libraries and archives at the same time through the use of their Global Search function.The User Center gives an okay explanation on how to use the site. COM This site is useful if you know what product or company you are looking for. Clicking on any one of the search results listed will link you to the archive or library that has that particular commercial. COM site is a collection of mostly recent television commercials.ADVERTISING COUNCIL ARCHIVES The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 19 Library 1408 West Gregory Drive Urbana, IL 61801 Phone (217) 333-0798 Fax (217) 333-2214 Advertising Council Archives, administered by the University of Illinois Archives since 1986, documents the story of public service advertising since the early days of World War II.

Onsite access to the collection is restricted to legitimate research purposes only.

The majority of entries do not have a streaming video link and information about each entry is limited.


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