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Josh Bernstein was born and raised in Manhattan, and attended the Horace Mann School.In 1989, he went to Cornell University where he double-majored in Anthropology and Psychology, and double minored in Native American and Near Eastern Studies.Digging for the Truth: One Man's Epic Adventure Exploring the World's Greatest Archaeological Mysteries is a print companion to the television series, authored by Bernstein, that reveals much more of the personal trials and challenges he faced making the series.It received critical acclaim and was released in hardcover in Winter 2006, and paperback in the Fall, 2007.Josh Bernstein (born February 24, 1971) is an American explorer, author, survival expert, anthropologist, and TV host best known as the host of Digging for the Truth.He later appeared for one season as the host of the Discovery Channel's Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein.Bernstein's father died of a heart attack six weeks before Bernstein's 15th birthday. Bernstein is a fellow of The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society.



Bernstein is known for wearing many hats, mostly cowboy hats, which has led to him being likened to Indiana Jones.However, her counterpart on the show, Chris Aldrich, apparently didn't fare so well.


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