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Plus, they have recorded their tenth studio album, which should be out next year – 20 years after their first album release.

With all that going on it’s no wonder Kelly doesn’t have time. Now two years on, NATHAN SYKES has written new song I Can’t Be Mad about the end of the band, admitting the lads went through some terrible times in the final months.

A source said: “Brooklyn is so young with his whole life ahead of him, he basically just didn’t need the aggro.

“He was besotted with her at first, but as time wore on Chloe wanted to become more serious and given he lives on the other side of he Atlantic, it was something he couldn’t offer.



It was all happening, a couple of us were in quite a bad place. “It wasn’t until I started writing in those sessions where I was like, ‘God, I really had a tough time’.

“We had lost family members, been through break-ups and all sorts and it all took its toll at once. Reflecting on it was like therapy.” If only songwriting could help everyone get through their problems.


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