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And in case you haven’t noticed, she’s also got a very beautiful chin and this has nothing to do with a chin implant either.Yes, her chin is all natural and it matches her lips perfectly!Through her beauty, hard work and natural talent, Sandra landed her first TV debut in the film ‘Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman’.This opened many doors of opportunities for her for many years to come.It’s almost like she’s never aged…What we do know is that Sandra broke her nose when she was young (it was her sister’s fault actually), so it’s very likely that she’s had a nose job back then to fix it back into shape.And this experience might have led her to even more cosmetic procedures in the future.Well, if she did, Sandra Bullock didn't exactly share them with the planet.Long before Michelle "Bombshell" Mc Gee blasted what appears to be an irreparable hole in their marriage, Jesse James and Bullock were celebrated by the media as an "unlikely" couple.


"Thankfully I married someone who loves me just the way I am—and all the nuttiness that goes into me," Bullock told : "I haven't had children biologically.

But if you dig deeper, you'll see that these two had more in common than you may think, including a few similarities that may surprise you...

Early in her relationship with James, Bullock wouldn't talk about the budding romance, instead telling magazine that she wanted stories on her to focus on her work.

What captured our attention the most from those 2 minutes of excitement was Sandra Bullock’s flawless skin!

Honestly, how does a woman who’s past her 50s look so youthful?You can tell from this photo that she has really thick hair…lots of them!



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