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Our chat rooms support all screens and devices including iphones, ipads, smart phones and tablets.You don't need to change settings or switch manually, Our chat rooms are auto-adjustable on your device and it's screen size.Currently there are 6 online chat rooms, Lobby is the Public chat room and others are reserved for UK, USA, Australia, Canada & India.All these online chat rooms are created and operated by Chat KK and there is no any chat rooms which belongs to other chat sites.You will see a list of online chat rooms below with a short description.Use links below each description to visit the chat room page where you see chat room rules and other information related to that chat room.Then start sharing your thoughts with the friends online around the world.



Chat for teens, free, without registration, constantly improved.If you experience any issue or problem of our online chat rooms, then Please report us using our social media pages or Messenger.Your support is highly appreciate and it's important us to develop our services to give you the best performance.No registration required to use our online chat rooms and many other services provided by Chat KK.


Not like some other chat sites, We allow you to have your own nick name other than auto generated name with prefix the word "guest".The 321Chat site has grown in popularity in recent months because it is incredibly mobile friendly.


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