Chat with housewives

Of course, this isn’t a way to watch the show live but it’s better than missing out altogether.

It’s also a nice, neat little home for all the various Housewives shows — which can be a little hard to keep track of at times.

The fact that it was Lisa’s longtime friend Kyle Richards that leveled the accusations made it even worse.

Lisa also suffered the death of her brother, and more recently, her mother’s death.

That said, it’s a refreshing change from hearing about PK Kemsley’s diabetes or Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s job.

So what is the newlywed going to bring us next year?

There are a lot of changes coming to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Season 10. Thanks again, Dorit Kemsley, for causing this whole nightmare in the first place by not returning your puppy to Vanderpump dogs.

Lisa’s epic fight with former bestie Kyle Richards at Villa Rosa destroyed their friendship, and sealed Lisa’s decision.



But one long-time part of the franchise, Camille Grammer, will not be returning. ) Lisa Vanderpump jumped ship for good after dealing with the trauma of her brother’s unexpected death, and the messy “puppy gate” drama.

It appears that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn’t done with its cast shake-up.


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