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I don’t want to give a list because the Bible doesn’t give a list. Is spooning on the couch sexual or is it a healthy act of intimacy?

The Bible doesn’t give a list of sexual stuff you can do in dating because you are not supposed to do anything sexual in dating. Rather, I just want to offer some practical wisdom here. Personally I believe the differences are obvious when a kiss is sexual or a sign of healthy affection.

So How Far Is Too Far in a Christian Dating Relationship?

If you indulge in sexual activity as a Christian single, you are living outside the lines of the two categories given to us in Scripture regarding our sexuality. Anything done without your wife or husband is not good. We don’t need a list of every type of sexual act and whether or not it is permissible in a dating relationship. Here’s the clearest biblical answer I can give: If you are unmarried, any sexual experience is off limits.



So how far is too far in a Christian dating relationship? If what you are doing is making you ask that question, it’s probably too far.

So again, the real trick is to properly label what is “sexual” in nature. A gentle kiss on the lips would probably be labeled by most as a sign of affection rather than a sexual act.


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