Cory lea dating 2016 who is kelis dating now 2016

Rachel and Brody’s chemistry starts rumors that there might be something between Lea and Dean, but both Dean and his girlfriend laugh off cheating rumors.Rumors also fly that Lea is angry at celeb guest Kate Hudson for flirting with Cory. Cory and Lea are seen in NYC about to film the emotional scene. She’ll later say the scene turned out “beautiful and emotional.” , Finn also moves on... Rachel reacts by having a Ki Ki, and adopting an even sexier new look. Part 1: Before They Were Dating Part 3: They’re Finally Together!This is when rumors of their real-life relationship first started.’s Christmas episode starts rumors that Cory and Lea may have started dating in real life.It’s a photo of Damian Mc Ginty and Jenna Ushkowitz, but Cory and Lea can be seen in the background, and they’re looking very coupley.

Later, she talks about touching Mark Salling’s butt. We’re convinced that Cory and Lea are dating, and all this stuff about other guys is only meant to throw us off the trail.

On August 30, production has to shut down for a day when Cory gets sick with an intestinal problem. Lea says that she and actor Dean Geyer have chemistry, but she still thinks Finn and Rachel are meant to be.


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