Dating armand marseille dolls

Nicely presented in antique clothing of white cotton dress and frilly bonnet.

Outfit slightly tatty with age but displays well and is good and clean. 17 inches in height, this extra chunky 1920’s antique German Armand Marseille Dream baby has blue sleep eyes (one tiny bit set back), open mouth, both her bottom teeth and nice bisque head with no hairline damage.

Young male admirers would showered them with gifts, hoping to persuade many to leave the show to marry them.

They were the predecessors of the Zigfield Follies who followed in their heels and also became the objects of popular adoration.

Although you can find Florodoras with many different numbers but the molds are very similar.

The trademarks for the dolls were registerd by Borgfedlt in Germany. In 1903 the trademark was changed with a daisy in the center.



Earlier ones dating to early 20th century had kid or cloth body, bisque shoulder head, wore wigs, had glass eyes and a slightly smiling mouth. The #370 and #390 are the more popular mold numbers on these dolls: The #370 for shoulder heads on a kid body and #390 for socket heads, on a composition body.

The extra chunky composition baby body has light surface wear and nibbles to finger ends but overall good and clean for years. This harder to find larger size 1920’s antique German Armand Marseille Dream baby is 19 inches in height.

Nicely dressed in full length silk gown, cotton slip and old knitted bonnet. A lovely chubby baby with blue sleep eyes, open mouth, both her bottom teeth and adorable big chubby cheeks! Slight wear, mostly around joints and a chip to each thumb tip. I can’t find any chips, cracks or hairlines to the bisque head.

Doll is wearing a beautiful dress of green silk and antique lace, with two buttons resembling gold an green marbles adorning the lace collar.


1920’s Armand Marseille Dream baby has blue sleep eyes, closed mouth and nice bisque head with no hairline damage.By borrowing from the work of the masters and archival photographs, I will be able to link them to the history of the times and briefly touch on the primitives. Here is manufactured the popular fragrance "Florodora," made from the essence of the Florodora flower.


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