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“You know, there’s a lot of hot girls on Myspace,” I told him, “why don’t you try to hook up with one for the holidays?

” Paul rolled his eyes at me, but reluctantly agreed to create a Myspace profile. After all, Myspace is free and it’s very user-friendly.



The profile became an eye-catching social statement within moments.

Like most guys, after writing the message, Paul was reluctant to send it. He dictated Amber’s e-mail over the phone and I told him to start searching for a cool layout.

He wasn’t sure how Amber was going to respond, if she responded at all. “She’s so hot,” he told me, “nobody could be a Grinch around this girl! As soon as we hung up, Paul used a search engine to look for Myspace layouts. He browsed through a few websites before selecting one that had over 300 free Myspace layouts.

He closed his eyes and clicked “send.” He thought about how nice it would be to spend the holidays with an attractive woman like Amber. He was determined to pimp his profile and impress Amber as well as any other ladies that shared his interested.


After a few moments, Paul found a layout that was really impressive.

So, with some trepidation, Paul started searching for local women ages 18-21 that were on Myspace.


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