Dating gay jewish men


Maimonides rules that even in cases where a person commits a cardinal sin under duress, he is “not to suffer stripes, much less the death penalty, for it was not his free will” (Principles of Faith 5:4). It does not have any release, substitute or “cure” other than a homosexual relationship.A few LGBTQ Jews might aspire and accomplish true lifelong celibacy, but the homosexual’s constant state of ohnes clearly needs another category or description: It is complete in both duration and intensity. Its biggest proponent was the Tosafist School, the grandchildren and students of the medieval French sage Rashi.These ill-advised approaches have led many LGBTQ Jews to abandon Orthodox life altogether.

The stipulations, such as remaining in the closet or being celibate for life, are fanciful rejections of reality.

This leads to a meta-halachic point, which distinguishes Judaism from Christianity.

Paul saw the Law as creating sin, for the Law is impossible to fulfill.

Bearing this reality in mind, some halachic eyes have read the situation as one of “ohnes” – duress, a force that compels one to do something even if one ostensibly does not want to.

When that force is completely external halacha exempts the person from punishment – ).

For gay students to survive in such an environment, they must not give any hint to their orientation, which in the hot-house of yeshiva life soon becomes a radical form of self-denial.


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