Dating milo post ventimiglia

Later on, he managed to get the role of Peter Petrelli in ”Heroes“, a highly popular series produced by NBC, and for which role he had two Emmy nominations.

Currently, Milo is playing the role of Jack Pearson in the series called ”This is Us“.

His other movies titles include such as ”Pathology“, ”The Divide“, ”Cursed“ and ”Wild Card“ among others.

Besides being in front of the camera, Milo has taken an interest behind the scene too, and is nowadays a producer as well, even founding his own company, Divide Pictures, which recently produced a web-series called ”Chosen“.

In case you want to learn more about this actor, stay with us and discover everything there is to know about his career, dating, net worth, etc.

Allegedly directing is Milo’s passion, but he has some other passions as well, predominantly comic books.Milo’s father, Peter Ventimiglia, is of Italian (Sicilian) descent.


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