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Zoe Coetzee, Elite Singles’ in-house relationship psychologist, explains that money can be a form of security, and not disclosing the full truth with your partner about a financial issue can be a cause of friction as it can undermine the security in the relationship.

She goes on to say Money and finances are sensitive subjects in relationships, and a majority of the time it is in both your best interests to be open and honest in such a key area, especially when you are living together.

“I have made the mistake in the past of not saying what’s on my mind and then forming my opinions based on incorrect perceptions.

I don’t do that anymore” At times in a relationship, people feel unconfident about sharing their own point of view and perceptions.


It turns out that the very truths people keep secret arise in the big and little moments, the monumental and the mundane. It turns out that that keeping secrets can teach you important life lessons and improve your relationships, at present or in the future.

However, secrets can also be a valued tool to foster closeness in partnership relationships, with 34% of men and women believing that sharing secrets with your partner is part of the intimacy in a relationship.

The truth about how people perceive secrets bring to light, maybe not so surprisingly, that there is a space for secrets in a relationship.

If you trust your partner, you can also trust that the secrets they keep from you are sometimes for the best of both of you.

That being said, 75% of people don’t keep secrets in their relationship, but a quarter (25%) said they do. Taking a closer look at some real relationship secrets, it’s easy to see that sometimes these truths could be exactly the kind of secret you would want your partner to keep!

In the below slideshow we share 12 secrets people told us from real relationships. Let’s take a look at some real relationship lessons from the survey, and the consistent themes people learned from keeping or sharing their secrets.


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    You may feel like you’re showing love, but if you’re being motivated by your own insecurity about the relationship or your own fears about losing this person, then you’re probably more in the smothering camp.

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    It is the most important time becauseit is the only time that we have any power.- Leo Tolstoy You are never given a wish without alsobeing given the power to make it true.

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