Dating reportedly simpson

Anywho, the good thing is that they seem happy together and Chris definitely landed a beautiful, intelligent woman.On a side note, it is still a bummer that Tucker’s engagement to Cynne, nor his prior relationship with singer, India. Hopefully Chris and Jarneen are in this for the long haul…they make a cool couple…but only time will tell.Simpson gave her full support to her father who was convicted for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.Arnelle also appeared in the witness board for her father and during his murder trials in .Tucker first went public with Jarneen in 2016, apparently shortly after he and Cynne Simpson parted ways.By 2017, he even showed up at a red carpet event with his mother on one side and the lovely Jarneen on the other.The march was in honor of the 50th anniversary of the iconic Dr. One interesting thing I couldn’t help but notice about Chris and his boo-thang, is that he seems to crop her outta photos on his social media pages for some reason. Because Jarneen posts some of the same photos as Chris does onto her social media pages…the only difference is she’s actually included in the photos’ shots.


The young couple was photographed together leaving Los Angeles nightclub On The Rox over the weekend, hours after Cody shared a Snapchat post of himself and Ray posing for a 'selfie' in a dimly-lit corridor.So maybe Tucker’s cropping stunts are just an indication that he’s tired of making his relationship status public.However, IF that is the case, he may wanna have a quick chit-chat with his lady, so they can be on the same page when it comes to that.At that time, Cynne was rockin’ that big rock on her left finger and Chris was smiling from ear to ear, with her on his arm at red carpet events and such.


Unfortunately, their engagement didn’t last long and they never made it to the alter.

In 2014, word spread that Tucker began dating, Cynne Simpson, Donnie Simpson’s niece.


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