Dating scammer definition

Vishing (voice or Vo IP phishing) is a telephone scam that uses seemingly legitimate caller ID descriptions and telephone numbers to convince individuals to disclose important personal data and financial information.Oftentimes, the callers will prey on a person's fear or financial stability to gain the information they need.The advent of sophisticated digital technologies has produced more accessible and more convenient ways for people to interact and do business.But along with the digital revolution comes great uncertainty in terms of the level of security and protection of valuable information.Of course, illegal operations based on phone transactions are nothing new.What is interesting about this case is that the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau suspects that the spammer is using a virtual phone number to conduct this operation.


According to the article, the illegal operation has been calling Milwaukee residents claiming to represent a local law firm by the name of “Anderson and Thompson.” The spammer claims that they are collecting on an old debt from a legal conflict and that the debt must be paid immediately.

The reason that business Vo IP service providers give you the option to choose an area code that is different from your actual area is that it is a good way for customers to save money if they need to do a lot of calling with a specific location.

For example, if a business is located in New York, but they have a number of business associates in Chicago, they might want to get a phone number with a Chicago area code so that their clients and associates do not have to pay long distance calling fees.

Scammers can use a number of different techniques to acquire sensitive information or make calls at your expense.


Some of the typical types of vishing include: The problem with these kinds of scams is that they are difficult to trace and so it can be very tough, even impossible, to catch the scammers.

For example, in the case of the Milwaukee scam, residents suspect that the scammer is actually located in a different country.


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