Dating tease her

Yet there she was, on the day of Hallmark-themed romance, “liking” my friend’s Instagram photo … Which meant she had to have been scrolling through her feed.

There was the friend, a digital strategist who, every few days, would receive a “sup” from a recruiter, except that the recruiter would never set up a time to meet.

“So a sample text from him would be ‘wht are ur plans tmro’ or ‘are u in city,’ abbreviating some words and writing others out fully.

It was like a game of how little effort could he put into it.”Rest assured, though, there are ways to beat breadcrumbers at their own game.



Breadcrumbers are one step shy of ghosters, who disappear without a trace, but are in more frequent contact than a person giving you the fade.It’s usually right after I ask them if they liked Garden State. She certainly picked the wrong guy to intimidate a male model with. Lavender was so bored and lonely that she was willing to chat with me eight hours a day for a week with absolutely nothing to gain. Sometimes they have a connection and sometimes they disappear.


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