Desperate dating men


S.), and I am very ashamed of my own generation for this. Women still have it easier because no matter what age they are, they still have a vag! When is the last time you genuinely had interest in, say, a 38-year-old aside from a desperate lay when the 18-to-24-year-olds weren't giving you play? And this is the plight of the past-her-prime female.But she CHOSE this when she shit on good men all through her life.I think there's a few reasons as to why this happens.Women who are about 35 and older, obviously have a much harder time trying to meet single men in their own age group.Women who are considerably older than me, and obviously wanting sex, seem to give off blatant signals of interest, and sometimes even force you into a situation where you have to talk to them.Younger women don't seem to do this; they tend to have a much more carefree attitude about men.The sad thing is that more likely than not, they still end up finding a mangina to scam.


As far as paying in brothels, isn't that more realistic than dating? getting fat." - me (02/24/2013) Black women suck at life. Hell, I find the greatest enjoyment in now openly insulting these nasty old fat skanks who think they're MILFs and cougars to their face! There's no reason in hell why anyone has to see your expired 45-year-old saggy beluga whale a$s on the street in a mini skirt and heels just because you wanna spend hubby's hard-earned money on shoes and make-up! getting fat." - me (02/24/2013) Black women suck at life.This is generally why I get along with the older red piller crowd.I have no desire to spend money on a modern day "badboy leftover" that some blue piller would deem pursuable and wife material.Real men stopped giving a shit about wimminz a long time ago, and this alpha behavior is WAY more present in the older men with "age".

On the contrary, men my age (mid-20s) are the biggest pus$y-chasing, validation-dependent, phaggots on earth (much worse here in Mexico than the youth back in the U. But don't you realize that any woman past her prime is simply a walking talking sperm bank and they're not being seen as worthy of any relationships.

He can walk into a shop (a brothel) where they sell sex in exchange for cash, just like all other goods and services. Now the thing is, this routine is much EASIER for a younger woman.


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