Eight minute dating ny


Wainstein is a Hong-Kong born stay-at-home mom of two to Jagger, 5, and Rio, 2.

De Lesseps introduces her new boyfriend Tom, who Medley set her up with, to Wainstein and her husband during a couple dinner with Medley and John.

Wainstein is described by friend, and former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, Cindy Barshop as a real housewife saying, "when she has a party, it's to the top.

And she does a performance, and that's naturally what she does." The season begins with Bethenny Frankel enjoying her home as she juggles her business, dating and her ongoing divorce.

Dorinda Medley enjoys her relationship with her boyfriend John but isn't enjoying having to constantly defend him and their relationship.


Medley invites Frankel and her friend, and new wife, Jules Wainstein for lunch but the lunch turns from sweet to sour.

After hearing the news of Tom cheating and seeing the photos, de Lesseps is devastated and calls Tom to make sense of situation.



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    I think he even posted here a while back, until he got scared off. His name is Todd Gutner and WBZ recently acquired him from a station in Maine.

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