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As weird as that might sound, the details of each incident are even more awkward, which is why you definitely want to check out these moments on Ali Fedotowsky's takedown of alleged cheater Justin Rego led to an epic example of an awkward on-camera exit.

However, fellow contestant Frank Neuschaefer pointed out what a lot of people were likely thinking in this particular circumstance, saying, "Getting a tattoo …

"You know, Justin, I think it's been especially difficult for you 'cause you probably really miss your girlfriend in Canada." Instead of confirming or denying the roundabout accusation, Rego merely walked out in one of the most memorable — and cringe-worthy — moments the franchise has ever seen.

Although his departure was less than, direct since he tried to escape through a locked door, then climbed over fountains and through garden planters while hobbling on a cast.

"Rated R" — supposedly wasn't single during Season 6, even speaking to his crying girlfriend, Jessica Spillas, on the phone, Fedotowsky sat down with Rego and the rest of her suitors to call him out.

"Guys, it's been quite the road getting here so far," she said with a cheerful, yet deceptive smile on her face.

, while joking about Hebert's chest size by saying, "The reason I know that is because 60 percent of guys are boob guys." William Holman went even further by telling the crowd, "Ashley: so beautiful, so gorgeous, so used.



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