Eunjung chansung dating

I did a lot of groups but I might have forgotten a member, a debut date or I just put the bday one day too early or late, so please tell me in the comments ^^• not all groups are here but i did my best to include as much as i could• it’s not my fault if you don’t share a birthday with an idol :joy: i’m really sorry, but there still might be someone in the idols i didn’t do or in an idol that has yet to sebut That said, enjoy!


But I finally took time to update it, to add recent debuted groups, other groups that I had missed!So I now present you: The Kpop birthday calendar 2.0This is for everyone who missed the first version, but also for those who were dispointed because maybe they didn't find someone with the same birthday as them, well I can now announce that almost everyday is filled!


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