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One study found that people living in Chicago neighborhoods in 2005 with at least 40% immigrants were 80% less likely to experience violence than people living in neighborhoods with no immigrants.These scholars contribute to a vast body of research demonstrating that popular fears about immigration and crime have been unfounded.As part of online safety week, Online Dating Expert Julie Spira sat down with Vanessa Borge on Good Day LA to teach singles how to date safely online. [Read more] Say goodbye to hookups and hello to meaningful relationships. Research shows the majority of singles aren’t relying on friends and family to fix them up anymore. [Read more] Meet Melissa and Ross, who found love on Match.

An Examination of First and Second Generation Immigrant Offending Trajectories.

Last week, Zoosk hosted our very first Love Summit 2.0 at SPi N NYC.

A handful of journalists were invited to sip cocktails, nibble on appetizers, and contemplate love in the Internet Age, courtesy of Zoosk, and it was a fun, intimate affair. Robert Epstein of What we learned from Julia Allison (above, center): Hiding your ex from your Facebook status feed is a good decision that promotes your own mental health; no one likes to start off a day by stumbling onto pictures of the new girlfriend/boyfriend on your status feed.

What we learned from Laurie Davis (above, left): Lists are a great tool in building your online dating profile.

People don’t have time to read lots of exposition, but they want to know the important points; if you can, try to make your profile ‘skimmable’.

Find out how swiping right lead her into his arms and to the altar.



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    In fact, rather than set himself up for success, he managed to make things as hard as possible to land the role.

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    However, most of them seem to be guys and you can very easily get banned.

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    Men intuitively want to spread their “seeds” to future generations.

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    “Gaga has real chemistry with Dan,” a source close to the singer told Entertainment Tonight.

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    Naiuwi na rin sa Maynila ang mga labi ng namayapang aktor at nakaburol ngayon sa Funeraria Paz sa loob ng Manila Memorial Park sa Parañaque City.

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    The only reason for the script is that I now have 3 slave servers, soon to be 4, and I do not want to edit all 3 slave server's "named.conf" files with any changed or new entries, so the script makes it easier.

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    Check out this list with more information about getting laid free.

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    There is a huge range of experiences you can get from online dating.

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