Forefront client security not updating wsus

It protects systems against the threat of malware including viruses, worms, trojans and spyware.Microsoft Forefront Client Security is updated on a daily basis via the University's WSUS service or Microsoft Update.A full scan checks all locations on (the local hard disk AND attached devices? A custom scan checks locations specified by the user e.g. If malware is detected, use the 'smart clean' button to clean or remove the infected file.In the event that an infected file cannot be cleaned, or deleted, it will be quarantined.WSUS Setup automatically creates a virtual directory named Selfupdate under the Web site running on port 80 of the WSUS server. Most of the times, nothing 😛But I wanted to talk about this because this is a step that is important for you to know about, specially if you are planning to use another product over WSUS.


WSUS uses IIS to update most client computers automatically to WSUS-compatible Automatic Updates software.In a non-Active Directory environment, you might use the Local Group Policy object or edit the registry directly.


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