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A happy, healthy person is one with a supportive social network.If yours could use a few more new connections, then make them—it can be easier than you think.Think about joining a writers’ group or take a class in something you’ve always wanted to know more about, or join a gym and start taking group classes, or join a hiking group—the point is to find something you like to do and jump in.Communicate Your Expectations Make sure you’re on the same page with your partner by communicating your expectations about the relationship and by fully understanding theirs.Long-distance relationship experts estimate that approximately nearly 4 million singles (and 3 million married couples) are currently in long-distance romantic relationships worldwide, and that figure is growing.So, just when you think you’re on an island all by yourself, you’re not alone.

Because of the distance, you have less face time and shared experiences than more local relationships to be able to make that determination right away—so take your time! Most uncertainty in a long-distance relationship comes from having intense feelings of intimacy and connection followed by equally intense feelings of having to stand on your own.Should you find that you seem to be putting in more effort to keep the relationship going, clearly communicate that to your partner. When expectations do not feel or are not mutual, jealousy can crop up.


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