Gaelle adisson

This song became one of the most popular dance songs of the late 90's, and is still considered a classic in the UK dance scene. smash, and the recording of her debut album Transient, Gaelle concentrated on producing and remixing with her partner Eric Stamile.From that point Gaelle decided to start her production company, Speakeasy Music. Creating music that defies definition comes naturally to Gaelle, who grew up in an African-American community in New Jersey the daughter of Haitian parents.Gaelle takes a naturally broad-minded approach to singing and songwriting.



Influenced by a mixture of her African-American childhood community and her parents' Haitian identity, Gaelle found herself writing music in her teens that was a cultural hybrid.Johnson, who is a formally trained jazz vocalist, is a sharp addition to Downs' silky urban grooves, which are layered among Chapman's spiraling DJ cuts of cosmic soul and sonic trip-hop.


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