Government mandating of employee benefits


Other job perquisites are at the discretion of the employer.

These can include paid vacation life and disability insurance (in some states, short-term disability leave is mandatory), 401(k) retirement savings plans, education assistance, wellness programs, and child care assistance.

Some of them include offering coverage on a self-insured basis, through a commercial carrier, or through the state’s official Workers’ Compensation Insurance program.


Resource: Returning to Work After Baby As Alison Doyle notes in her article “Legally Mandated Employee Benefits,” employers do not have to offer health insurance coverage to their employees, although of course many do.

If you are looking for clarity regarding legally required employee benefits, the information found below can be of great benefit to you.

As noted by the, every employer is required to pay social security taxes based on the rate their employees pay.

But what benefits, required by state, federal, or local statute, must a company provide its workers?

This information is particularly important for small businesses, which have to allocate benefit dollars carefully while complying with relevant laws. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that "[l]egally required benefits provide workers and their families with retirement income and medical care, mitigate economic hardship resulting from loss of work and disability, and cover liabilities resulting from workplace injuries and illnesses." Mandated basic benefits include: Note: Some states and local jurisdictions require paid family leave and/or paid sick and safe leave.Human resources departments have a lot to manage, from recruiting new talent to overseeing compensation and benefits for existing staff.


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