Granholm the dating game


The United States of America is home to many influential politicians, including Jennifer Granholm, a vibrant and outstanding politician who won Michigan’s gubernatorial election in 2002.

Becoming Michigan’s 47th Governor, Jennifer served for two terms from 1st January 2003 to 1st January 2011, when she vacated the prestigious seat.

She started her law career in 1987 and her first stint was to serve as a clerk to Judge Damon Keith, the Senior Judge of the U. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, until 1988.

The 2006 election saw Jennifer contest against political bigwig and a member of the Republican party Dick De Vos for her second term bid. She handed over power to Republican’s Rick Snyder after her tenure ended on January 1, 2011.Prior to defeating political heavyweight Dick Posthumus in the hotly-sought election, Jennifer served Michigan from 1999 to 2003 as an Attorney General.


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