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Radi se o vrlo kratkim porukama koje korisnik vidi čim ih njegov sugovornik pošalje (obično pritiskujući tipku Enter). sobe u kojima istovremeno priča i do nekoliko desetaka (pa i stotina) korisnika, u nekima je razgovor ograničen na nekoliko sudionika, dok neki mogu kombinirati te dvije vrste.

Osobito privlačna mladima je anonimnost koju internet pruža, a koju je nemoguće postići u nekoj drugoj vrsti komunikacije.

Ova anonimnost oslobađa i potiče ljude na drugačiju komunikaciju nego što bi to činili u osobnim kontaktima, što znači da se svatko može predstaviti kako želi i biti što želi.

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Become friends in our singles webcam chat room and find new romance and develop online romance and loves.

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    Spark - Free Registration Live Chat in South Carolina. Why spend time in a chatroom that doesn't offer detailed information and photo's for each person chatting? Premium members can take advantage of online chat, IM features and more. Not only can you chat real-time with other South Carolina singles, but you can take advantage of the Instant Message feature to chat live online instantly with your favorites.

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    This is a free chat room with video and voice in the Philippines.

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