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I hope that the journal will become one of the important sources of knowledge and reference for the scientists working in the field either as educator, researcher or students alike." "There is no doubt that Sci Doc publishers have a great impact on scientific community, at the time where the Sci Doc publishers in the growing process.To keep this expansion we must always bear into our mind the rapid replay to the authors" "I think that Sci Doc Publishers has a growing impact in the scientific community, ensuring researchers with a fast peer-review process, addressing critical topics and covering different domains of information, science and technology."Read More "I believe that two issues are important for both journal's success and spreading of science: short review time and rapid reply to authors and as low as possible publication cost.Moreover, I think that authors of an accepted article should be encouraged to submit their research again.


The peer-review system and speed of publication is quite impressive.α-Cd In2Se4 자체는 높은 광전감도를 가지고 있어 photonic device로 응용기 기대되는 반도체 물질이다. Boo, “Principles and Application of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy”, Journal of the Korean Institute of Surface Engineering, Vol.


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