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183-221 of Origin of the Universe (Volume One of our three-volume Evolution Disproved Series).

Not included in this chapter are at least 62 statements by scientists.

There is a basic pattern that occurs in the decay of radioactive substances.

In each of these disintegration systems, the parent or original radioactive substance gradually decays into daughter substances.

This is an important topic; for evolutionists want the history of earth to span long ages, in the hope that this will make the origin and evolution of life more likely.

Prior to the time of the Flood, there was a much greater amount of water in the air.This may involve long decay chains, with each daughter product decaying into other daughter substances, until finally only an inert element remains that has no radioactivity.In some instances, the parent substance may decay directly into the end product.For example, all the uranium 238 in the world originally had no lead 206 in it, and no lead 206 existed anywhere else.

But if either Creation—or a major worldwide catastrophe (such as the Flood) occurred, everything would begin thereafter with, what scientists call, an "appearance of age." By this we mean "appearance of maturity." The world would be seen as mature the moment after Creation.But it is a known fact among scientists that such changes in decay rates can and do occur.


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