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Choosing the best cover photo for your Facebook page is imperative because it is the first thing people will notice when they land on your page.Ginny gives good tips on how to make your cover photo pop.She also explains how to make your image the right size. Its mysterious algorithm makes it difficult for many businesses on Facebook to reach all of their fans.If you want to avoid paying for your reach and prefer the organic approach, then you definitely need to read this article.Francisco breaks it down into 10 easily digestible types.There’s also advice on how to target specific audiences for a desired result.


They are one of a select few official Facebook Marketing Partners in the US that also specialize in supporting small businesses.Finding that links posted on your Facebook page go unnoticed without promotion?Facebook wants to keep users on their platform, and know the value of their ad network, so you can understand why they limit organic reach.It may seem intimidating initially, but in this tutorial, I walk you through all of the steps necessary to create a professional Facebook business page.

With over 1 billion Facebook users, your potential customers are using the site.

They can also manage your page for you and run ad campaigns on your behalf — all starting from . Facebook is simply one big community, so it’s not unusual to say that being neighborly extends even to Facebook marketing strategies.


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