Is rachel and finn from glee dating Dating florida swinger

However, she never takes his feelings in to account.While Rachel's drive is commendable, she should have spent more time thinking about what Finn wanted.Sometimes Rachel's ego gets in the way, and other times Finn will do something out of left field.The world may have loved them together, but some things cannot be explained.


While personal tragedy hindered this from occurring, fans still got to enjoy their love affair over many seasons.

Each time that Finn and Rachel decide to be together, it ends up breaking up another one of their relationships.

While fans universally agree that they should have been together, they always did it at the expense of others.

While Rachel is not exactly the most supportive girlfriend to Finn, he should not be winning any relationship awards either.

Season four saw Rachel begin her time as a student at NYADA, but did not feature Finn until later on.Frankly, he seemed entirely content with staying in Lima and working in his step-father's garage.


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