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While this makes the site look a lot more polished than, say, Latin American Cupid, it can be seriously misleading if you’re looking for a marriage partner! Ladies sign up via a marriage agency in their own country.Unlike other sites, the ladies can’t sign themselves up to the site.It’s not hard to find Latin women on singles sites, and you don’t even need to pay for the privilege of chatting to them! And there’s also Po F – the World’s largest free dating site.I found 317 Colombian girls between the ages of 18 and 25 on this site.Anyway, the main thing about Amo Latina is that there are still plenty of ladies to choose from.Obviously if you’re interested in a Colombian bride then you’ll have the most choice, but Brazil and Peru also offer plenty of opportunities.Another tip I’ll give you is that English speaking foreign ladies aren’t too hard to find these days.Check out Colombian Cupid and you’ll find thousands of women who can speak and write English.


There are also small numbers of ladies from countries including Honduras, Bolivia and Puerto Rico.

See below for a more comprehensive table of where the Amo Latina ladies are from.

The first thing I notice from these statistics is that there aren’t huge numbers of women on Amo Latina.

I’ve been a member of its sister sites Chinese Love Links and Japan Cupid, and I’ve met some great girls through these sites.

So I can’t recommend Latin American Cupid highly enough.This is related to the fact that all the profiles are added to the site by agents of Amo Latina rather than the ladies themselves.


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