Male teen dating advice 20


I don't really eat out ever except fast food with friends.

I can't remember the last time I was at a restaurant.

However, I can't really make myself concerned about it - it just seems like a waste of energy to me, worrying about it.-Fear of rejection-Fear of expressing attraction-Being picky about women-Not being in many social situations which allow me to socialize with women I find attractive-My circle of friends is a sausage fest-Being on the lower end of average as far as looks go-Easily frustrated and discouraged-Strange, off putting personality21, here. Its not like i have a low thinking of myself, i am actually quite muscular and in shape, however hairy on breast and stomach.

And i can talk to girls just fine, i actually enjoy talking to them if they seem nice to me.

However, this has turned into a much darker thought in which I am mostly accepting the idea that I may die alone.

I would hope no one else has the same mentality as I do.

Positive feedback would do a great deal to me to start dating I believe.Even tho i think i look good, it still feels like getting out of the "just talk" to the "lets hang around" thing is nearly impossible. Actually sex is the last thing i desire from a girl.


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