Manually updating steam

I've also seen some posts on other forums about this, as well.

The problem is usually client side and playing with the bots is the best way to find out.

Possible that my computer was patched with the 64bit version?

Thanks, Rob There was just a pretty major update, including the 64-bit changes. I dont know if they announced the other changes, but they were definitely made.

I wonder if anyone has turned off their automatic updates and waited until others have tested it before updating?

Here's the setting for disabling automatic updates.

Where applicable, both 64-bit and 32-bit of redistributables are installed on 64-bit systems. Simply head to the Redistributables tab which is available under the "Installation" tab in the Steamworks App Admin panel and check the checkboxes for the redistributables which your game or application requires.

Don't forget to publish your changes when you're done!


However, this meant that every developer was duplicating the effort of creating an install script, and users would see the same installers run several times.

The next time you start your game, your Punk Buster will have the latest security information necessary to accept auto-updates from PB Servers.


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