Men dating female friends online dating numbers


Do you think it's okay for married men to be friends with single women?

Not women they've know for years, before they were married, etc., but to pursue new relationships with 'nice people' who happen to be single and happen to be women?

He very pointedly avoided checking it while I was there and asked for 'privacy please' so he could check it.

We've been married for almost 13 years and much of the tenderness and affection has left our marriage. If your husband seems to be going out of his way to befriend single women, that's a red flag.

For me it's the privacy (he calls it privacy, I call it secrecy).


I keep in pretty close touch with a couple of ex-boyfriends, even, but I make damn sure my husband knows all about it.

If you KNOW that your marriage is missing tenderness and affection, and he is getting texts he doesn't want you to see, that's a REALLY bad sign.

I've been exactly where you are and am now getting the divorce. Yeah, we've certainly got our issues right now, but I suppose I was digressing because the issue on my mind right now is these friendships.

So I used google desktop and found all the pornographic emails he and his lady friends had been sending to each other.


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