Middle aged dating grey matters


I’ve been there to support a friend getting an abortion. It’s no more than a full discography and my friend emerges from the door. In our country, people have the right to make medical decisions for themselves, as long as they are of sound mind and body. I think my friend carried cardboard graham crackers in her hand. They are there to change the trajectory of their lives.My friend is called back and I provide her a few encouraging words that come out as platitudes, reminding her I’ll be there waiting for her after she’s done. The nurse guides us towards a doorway telling us we didn’t need to face the protestors again. We get in my car and my mind is blank when it comes to what we talked about on the ride home. She is no longer with the boyfriend who she got pregnant by.

I’ve gone with a female friend to pick up her birth control pills. I think about my friend and I hope they’ve made sure she’s comfortable. She says it wasn’t too uncomfortable and that they provided her with an anxiolytic to help her relax. She occupies the space of her own body and her own life and subsequently, any lives she could potentially bring to fruition.Her boyfriend, the one who put his sperm inside her, is not coming with. The other is a middle-aged man wearing a dirty baseball cap. I’m there to support her, but I’m anxious inside the reaches of my own mind.



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