Missing link dating

” He pauses, and says, “Yes.” I punch him in the stomach. At that moment, the relationship I was safe and secure in for six years was no longer the loving, safe, and cozy place it had once been.


Dating has definitely changed over the last thirty years.

Society treats the abundance of choice like a lottery instead of a luxury.

The one thing they have in common is that those who win always feel lucky. Create a new philosophy and trust that you will find the right person.

Since we meet people differently many experts argue that we just don’t date anymore. The way we cook our food, find information and book plane tickets have also changed but what hasn’t changed are the core desires behind these actions.

Many people believe that technology has ruined modern day dating and that we’re currently living in a hookup culture. We still need to eat, learn and get to our destinations.

In it, my boyfriend, Evan, had cheated on me with a female basketball player on the Women’s Lakers Basketball Team (a team which only exists in my dream world).



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