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Visit Tooltech's website for contact information by Springfield has been using Trijicon as their night sight supplier. You can check with Springfield for availablity at 309-944-5631.

Our CA01 set can be installed if the front hole is opened to .125 wide.

Immersing sights for an extended period of time in solvents may loosen some adhesive bonds.

Sights can be cleaned with water by simply using a damp cloth followed by wiping with a dry cloth.Trijicon offers the choice of yellow or orange lamps in the rear sight only.


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    However, from my experience, if a plug-in is going be incompatible, it’s going to be because it tries to create and modify a DOM element before the document is ready. If you frequently see another type of issue, please let us know (via a comment on this post or you can email me… “Igor” came up with a clever solution outside the box of what the “vsdoc” feature was originally intended for.

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    Desenvolvi no Delphi XE 2 e atualizei a versão 3 para o Delphi 10.2.

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