Novel type dating simulation game


: "KONKATSU" for marriage” for Android handset toward Japan and United States. : "KONKATSU" for marriage” is a simulation game which player participates in a “KONKATSU” party to find the partner of fate to get married.


: Ninja Love ” for i OS devices on the i Tunes App Store and for Android devices on Google Play.

Title: New Day Publisher: Toast Run Games Mode: Single Player Genre: Datimg Simulator Platforms: Browser, PC If you’ve ever watched anime, you’ve seen characters immersed in the artificial dating world of dating simulations.

Mostly a Japanese fad, these dating simulations mimic the normal everyday interactions you would have with your romantic interest. The popularity of dating sims still grows, however, and fans of the genre will find enjoyment in the new dating sim game New Day.

NTT Solmare has released the social-based dating simulation game series “Shall we date?

”, which has received great reviews and ratings on the i Tunes App Store or Google Play; the number of customers has reached 1.4 million in total around the world.var $jscomp=$jscomp


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