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Predictably enough, given the rehearsal of arguments for and against the Orange Prize in recent years, debate about the women-only literary award intensified. Byatt told the (London) that it was sexist and that she forbade her publishers to submit her novels to the award for consideration.Novelist Tim Lott argued that the award bolstered sales of women's novels in a market that already favoured female writers. The academic John Sutherland claimed that it ghettoized women's literature.Less celebratory and certainly less colourful were the spate of books published to mark the 90th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I. Kavanagh's study of the defected Russian dancer revealed, as one reviewer attested, “a man who danced like a god, but behaved like a violent, voracious beast.” A more likable subject was In her biography of this earlier Russian dancer who enthralled the West, Judith Mackrell brings to life Lopokova's chilly reception among Bloomsbury intellectuals, her stint as a vaudevillian in the U. This galloping art-heist novel enjoyed universal acclaim.Kate Atkinson, a former Whitbread Book of the Year winner, likewise delighted reviewers with her shift away from playful yet acerbic domestic sagas to crime writing.When she is accidentally released and contacts the O'Rourkes, disaster and turmoil ensue.James Urquhart in (2007), about a young math prodigy torn between the ambitions held for her by her father, traditional Indian expectations for girls, and the pressures typically faced by British adolescents.

The widower falls for a 17-year-old Singhalese girl, but their love is disrupted by civil war and its attendant bestiality, torture, suicide bombers, and despair.

In depicting the British through the eyes of this likable character, Tremain intended to overcome prejudice.

As Tremain said, “The moment we become engaged with an individual story, empathy arrives and our attitudes alter.” Chris Cleave's widely lauded second novel was inspired by his experience working at an Immigration Removal Centre in Oxfordshire.

Organizers of the prize responded by emphasizing its international scope and usefulness in seeking out and promoting good literature.

(2007), opens with the return of a Royal Air Force tailgunner to a German prisoner of war camp where he was interned in World War II. Using internal monologue and switching from first to second person, Kennedy explores both his troubled childhood and his decision to return to a fictional version of the war that has destroyed him.His unfolding of Carrington's struggles with the scientific community showed the importance of personalities and life events in determining the course of scientific inquiry.



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    Ever been in a position where you felt like the person you were pursuing was absolutely meant for you and vice versa, but life stuff just kind of got in the way?

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