Photographer for online dating nyc

Listening and developing an intimate bond is important because when I’m with my clients, it’s just us. Nothing to judge, just going with the flow(with a little bit of planning).If you’re interested in a session like this, contact me.

I went over her clothes and accessories, helped put together the outfits.All of my sessions are fun, they don’t seem like work at all.When I’m photographing, I love to chat, make everyone feel at ease, and if needed, direct my clients into poses that seem effortless and natural for them.Rather than a formal, portrait-style photoshoot, our shoots are more like an adventure with a good friend.

Cool dating profile pictures do these three things:– make you look good – attract people to check out your profile – help show your personality I spent many years online dating (until meeting my bf of many years on Guardian Soulmates) and spotted a gap in the market for a niche photography business specialising in creating profile photos for online daters. Nope, we’re not a hub signposting you to random photographers around the globe, but rather we’re a fam of talented people who know, like and respect each other.

I now have a place indoors to photograph in, in addition to an abundance of outdoor surroundings for a variety of backgrounds and expressions that will make anyone happy with.


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