Pisces man dating a scorpio woman

There’s a sense of mysticism to the Pisces woman, who makes her way through life through her insight, often not explaining her actions to anyone.

She’s just as capable of rational thought too, of course – that duality in Pisces we talked about – but by and large is entirely enslaved to her feelings.

Both of these star signs are sensitive spirits who can’t help but be ruled by their emotions – potentially clouding their judgement.

Yet by getting some knowledge at your back, you can avoid any problems yourself.

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has one of four ruling elements, and those of the same element tend to have a like-minded approach.

Water elemental signs are tender, emotive, intuitive and mysterious people.

The immensity of that notion could well overtake him, making him feel sudden bursts of intense sentimentality.

It’s very difficult for these energised folks to truly ever stop, and their strength can become poisonous to themselves if left unchecked.



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    I don't have a typical kind of man I am attracted to except I generally want someone my height(5'or taller.

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