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FISCAL YEAR July 1 - June 30 MCH Mtderal and Child Haelth ME - MM6ad wn endeka I Entia Drg Mm FF Mnre d& l'econoea Ja nfma at dil I Minisr of FAMe NW Planng MO - Min y of ealth MPR MA- uwi"proa4&qaue MSPSF - Mbslsalra hit ll,c aciode sdc akde lakmd& I Mitry of Health, So CW Developmet and th Famy MST - M ainduas zuuae awran I Sexaly Tauaitd Dsee NGO - Non-Pgove ntal Orgniatio OCCGB - Orgw ar d ceoniltnaon aetds coeprusn pour la bc c L gmanduw and&a / Or1anizatod of Coordinato and Cooan for the Fight apgnt Mjr Endeic Di_a OCP Onchoceciaads Contl Pogam OCS - Organtrclion ommunauatr d saw I community Healt Orgaiaons OMS - Oryosak nondlal dc. 2.2 Infant mortality of 133 per 1,000 (1991) remains high even by SSA standards, where the average is 104 (1991).

A major contributing factor to this low life expectancy is high infant and child mortality caused by widespread cotious diseases, unfavorable hygienic conditions, malnutrition, and the limited capacity of the health system to preventhese conditions and to treat them effectively once contracted.

Fourth, the nutrition comronent would help reduce the high rates of anemia among expectant mothers which are a major cause of low birthweights.

Third, provision of additional swugical facilities at the district level and trmg of general pmrtitioners in swrgey should contibute to more immediate medical/surgical interventions in emergecy cases, and at the same time, reduce clogging at Hospitals.

To address this risk, the Goverment has, prior to negotiations, developed a-d begun to implement an action plan, acceptable to IDA, to eosute the required redeployment and that the peonnel concerned reman where posted and carry out their assigned responsibilities.

The second risk is that tesistance to redeployment of doctors and other medical staff into ural areas will prevent adequa staffing of district health centers.

Its contents may no otherwise be disclosed wtout World Bank autiorizlion. Aoppmam I Unied Nat;ons Development Progrmme Pit A Pha-acs rgonala d'approvs omnem / Regiowal Supply P bamaci PSP - Pos. Less ta 2 25% of one-year olds are vaccinated against DPT(Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus), meases, and polio.

D1ai Bm m (I_ Specas, ad Jen Fh Pire Uer (Publc Heat SPeia. Ministy of Public llealth and Social/Family Action Credit Amount: US.2 million (SDR 21.2 million) Terms: Standard, with 40 years maturity Description: The project would assist the Govemment in its efforts to: (a) improve significantly the quality, coverage and utilization of basic health services for the Burkwnbe popuation, (b) enbance the nutritional status of the population, and (c) develop a national capacity for achieving sustainable control of endemic parasitic diseases.



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