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Some common problems they face are of domestic violence and alcoholism.Thus, for some women, they are specifically looking for a man from abroad as they have heard (and perhaps had first hand experiences) that foreign men are more caring. Moldovan women take very good care of their bodies and groom themselves to look and feel great for their partner. Moldova women are extremely active and they like all outdoor activities, so mountain climbing, biking or swimming are great for casual dates. Pick up bits of her language to make her feel special. Take your time and given the huge cultural difference, it may be a good idea that she visits you and your country on a tourist visa before you decide to settle down.Moldovan people associate with themselves the national characteristics of hospitality, diligence and peacefulness.As a mark of pride, they refer mostly to the qualities of its wine and food and the beauty of its women.And this information is shared only when the man visits the woman.The woman is convinced to partner in this deception by suggesting that their chances are lesser if they do say they have children.



In Moldova people tend to work for a week and then take an entire next week off. And the concept of weekend specials does not really exist.Beautiful Moldovan women are spectacular, expressive, extremely sincere and open-minded.


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