Simon and sinitta dating 2016

And guess who was right by their side as they lounged by a pool? Though Cowell and Seymour's relationship ended eight years prior, according to the , Seymour has remained a permanent fixture in his life.Some will say Cowell's the man for surrounding himself with a bevy of beautiful women from his past and present, buy we think all the praise should go to Silverman.During their stop in Barbados, Silverman supposedly stayed at a hotel up the road from Cowell's apartment, where he was allegedly partying non-stop.Since Cowell was unable to have contact with Silverman's son at the time, the separate arrangements seemed to work out for the couple, but witnesses couldn't help but think the entire trip was a bit odd.Andrew felt so betrayed by Cowell that he labeled the TV host a cheating homewrecker and a co-respondent in his divorce petition, according to , she agreed to receive ,000 a month in child support for her son, Adam, who was 7-years-old at the time.Her ex-husband also made sure Cowell didn't come anywhere near his child.

The singer, who had been dating the TV mogul for two years prior to walking into the arms of another man, says she started a relationship with fellow pop star, David Essex, who, at 37, was twice her age, reports The Daily Mail Sinitta, who claims she was ‘madly in love’ with the X Factor judge at the time, admits that she dumped him unceremoniously to continue a passionate romance with the That’ll Be The Day singer.In June 2014, just four months after Silverman gave birth to their son, Cowell purchased a home just a few blocks from Silverman's ex-husband, according to the Cowell and Silverman reportedly fell in love with the million home in the Upper East Side of Manhattan as soon as they laid eyes on it, and the fact that it was right down the street from Silverman's ex-husband seemed to be an added bonus. Most babymoons are used as a time for the expectant parents to reconnect and enjoy some peace and quiet before their bundle of joy arrives, but Cowell apparently had other plans.


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