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A survey stated that as much as 80% of males had at least one homosexual activity growing up and it's considered to be a normal aspect of school life.It was however expected of the men to marry in adulthood.The ethnic conflict on the island is often cited as a major reason why legal rights for sexual minorities did not progress with the same speed as other countries.Often political parties that focused on moderation and the 'middle path', emphasising the needs for human rights, would be sidelined in favor of political parties that supported extremist and nationalist politics.The traditional legal codes of Lanka did not criminalize sexual minorities or actively discriminate against homosexuals.In the 5th century of the Christian calendar, the monk Buddhaghosa attempted to explain what pandakas was in his scriptures to Buddhist lay people.Other records simply stay silent on the subject; for example, the Upāsakajanalankara, a guide for lay people written in the 14th century of the Christian calendar, discusses sexual misconduct in depth but makes no mention of homosexual sex.The Tripitaka does, however, contain passing references to homosexuality and transsexuality.


Not that he is guilty of Sodomy, nor did I ever hear the Sin so much as mentioned among them.” It should, however, be noted that accusing someone of homosexuality would be degrading their character.There are a number of establishments aimed at homosexual men found in the greater Colombo region, notably in the Mount Lavinia area, home to the annual gay pride, and the city of Negombo, a former Dutch colony on the outskirts of Colombo, with few other establishments scattered across the island.


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