Stanley plane dating chart

Today both these plants are busy producing hand tools as branch plants of the Stanley organization.

To maintain leadership in the Canadian market, a tool plant was opened by Stanley at Roxton Pond, Quebec in 1906.

Average Price Type 1 - (1877 to 1880) Has an ornate front knob with "Stanley Rule Level Co." and "Patented September 25,1877 in a circular border.

The cutter is stamped "Stanley Rule & Level Co., New Britain, CT" and "Pat'd April 18,1876" and "Reis'd Mar.

20, 1877." Screw down lever cap with fancy cap screw.

The cutter has a special two-piece screw to join it with the cap iron.


J., and The Eagle Square Manufacturing Co., South Shaftsbury, Vt., brought handled hammers, sledges, wedges, anvil tools and carpenters' steel squares to the Stanley line.

The flexible sole adjusts by turing the large front knob.


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