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Liferay’s resources importer is now an OSGi module in Liferay’s Web Experience application suite.

Since the suite is bundled with Liferay Portal, developers no longer need to download the resources importer separately.

If you modified any other Free Marker theme templates, you can compare them with templates in the command reports.


The theme ZIP file contains its original source code.Figure 1: The Lunar Resort example theme upgraded in this tutorial uses a clean, minimal design.Before upgrading a theme, consider migrating the theme to use the Liferay JS Theme Toolkit, such as those created with the Liferay Theme Generator.The first one to update is the The navigation template is updated.


That covers most, if not all, of the required theme template changes.

But a theme that’s been migrated to use the Liferay JS Theme Toolkit can leverage the Gulp The Upgrade task makes a best effort to upgrade the theme’s Bootstrap code from version 2 to 3.


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